When your White Sox and Cubs tickets will ship

When your White Sox and Cubs tickets will ship

Update:  White Sox ticket orders are almost completely filled, and we should be moving onto Cubs ticket orders this week.  Most of you have never been around a ticket office around this time of year, so I’ll give you a little idea as to what it entails.

Once the MLB starts printing and shipping season tickets, the mayhem begins.  Ticket boxes come in by the dozens and must be ripped, scanned, filled, sorted, and shipped.  Imagine a Ford factory assembly line.  But add in paper cuts, busted rubber bands, and a constant buzz of 25 ticket professionals yelling out seat locations while juggling phones and tumbling stacks of tickets their desks…and you’ll have a slight idea of what it’s like at Gold Coast in late March.

wrigleyfieldbleacherOn another note, season tickets for the Cubs and Sox have not changed much visually from last year (or the last several years.)  Ho hum.  At least they slightly changed the pictures on the tickets.  Some highlights include Peavy hurling one towards home in a black alternative jersey (White Sox) and a shot taken from the Murphy’s Bleachers patio of the Chicago Cubs sign adorning the back of the bleachers (Cubs.)

So, that’s about it this week.  It might be a bit quiet on the blog front while Cubs tickets are being ripped, scanned, filled, sorted, and shipped but keep an eye on facebook and twitter for quick ticket announcements and updates.



Photo Source: GovLoop.com
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