Sox/Twins September series - should this Sox fan be excited?

Sox/Twins September series – should this Sox fan be excited?

With the Twins coming to town Tuesday for a 3 game series (and the final 3 games between the two teams), as a Sox fan I was forced to ask myself, am I excited?  Should I be hyped and nervous and all jittery and such to see how the AL central is about to unfold?  The answer kind of came to me unwillingly and without deliberation.  Unfortunately that answer is, well, no.  No, not really.

Well, maybe more of a ‘meh’.

You see, this seems all too familiar to a Sox fan like myself.  My team doesn’t come back in September to steal the division.  In fact, as we saw in 2005, my team does anything it can to try and throw it away when we have a 10 game lead.  Perhaps my pessimism is unfounded, misguided, even a tad conspiratorial, but isn’t that the real common thread between all of us Sox fans?  Isn’t the fact that I, truly in my heart of hearts, don’t expect my team to win the division this year a very significant prerequisite of being a White Sox fan to begin with?

Or maybe it’s just that I satisfy another Sox fan prerequisite.  As an informed and responsible baseball fan, I just know the Twins are better.  Maybe I, as a baseball realist, can tell that this Sox team although good, is not special.

I must admit however, when they started out the last 10 game road trip 7-0, sweeping both Cleveland and Boston, something in me stirred.  But that feeling would quickly be quelled once I’d see Denard Span single in the go-ahead run in the seventh inning, or Texas Ranger Michael Young being called out rounding 3rd in the ninth on a rare and controversial ‘coach interference’ call.  When you go 7-3 on a road trip in September, you’re not supposed to lose a game and a half are you?

So all this provides me, and I would submit, most other Sox fans, with a general feeling of meh. I’m glad my team is still in the hunt and I hope they are until the end.  I hope they sweep the Twins this week and pull within 3 games of the division lead.  I hope that said sweep completely takes the air out of the sails of the majors’ hottest second half team, and we overtake them in an exciting September push to win the division.

But something tells me  Joe Mauer, Michael Cuddyer, Delmon Young, Nelson Liriano, Carl Pavano, et al aren’t feeling quite as ‘meh’ as this Sox fan.  Something tells me they’ll be sailing right into October.


Photo Credit: AP Photo/Paul Beaty
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