Watching October From Home... Again

Watching October From Home… Again

Another Baseball Season Over, More Questions To Ask


Baseball season in Chicago came to an end on the south side last Sunday.  Interestingly enough, I couldn’t help but enjoy myself at the park, even though I was watching two teams play for nothing.  Sure, the White Sox didn’t make the postseason this year, but they finished right where they were expected to finish, actually overachieving a bit in the eyes of some experts.

Joe Ranze / Associated Press

Joe Ranze / Associated Press

For the first time as a fan I didn’t set the bar too high for the White Sox and it paid off.  Come on people, how good did you really feel about this team at the beginning of the season?  Sure we added a Cy Young winner and our bullpen was expected to be among the best in the majors, but as always it is the intangibles that effect the outcomes of the season.

Injuries, team chemistry, and underperformances were a major part of the success and failure of the 2010 season.  And I hope you weren’t fooled by Kenny Williams’ attempt to stop the bleeding at the end of the season by picking up Manny Ramirez.

The fact is that the White Sox were a mediocre team in a mediocre division where Detroit, Minneapolis, or Chicago could have ended up on top only to be promptly escorted out of Yankee Stadium with their tails in between their legs. With teams like New York and Tampa Bay trouncing around the American League it’s no wonder the other teams don’t just pack up their bags at the end of the season and call it a day, but we have all seen magic happen in October (refer to Boston’s 2004 playoff run).

What now?

With the season coming to an end, we can start looking to the future and answering questions for next year.  We already know the answer to the managerial position.  Whether you like it or not, we will be enduring another year of Ozzie Guillen as the White Sox manager.

Konerko and Pierzynski?  Nobody knows.  It would seem that keeping Konerko  would be a no brainer, but can he put up similar numbers in the future?  Or was this a contract year spurt? He will surely want more than just a one year deal and there will be others interested in him.  Management has made it clear that they would like the captain and backbone of this team to return, but they have also said that any deals they make must fit into the team’s financial plans for the future.

This White Sox fan would love to see Pauly come back for a few more years, as far as A.J. goes, he lost me once he started making wrestling appearances.

The starting pitching on the other hand is a very solid 5 that I would put up against any other elite staff in the game.

  • Mark Beurhle
  • Jake Peavy
  • Edwin Jackson
  • John Danks
  • Gavin Floyd

Anyone looking at that starting staff could make the argument that it has the potential to be the best 1 through 5 in the majors barring injuries. All 5 of the names in question have showed flashes of greatness, it is just a matter of getting in sync, not just in the bullpen, but for the White Sox organization in general.

The Club

I was never a supporter of the White Sox being participants in the “Hardknocks” spin-off “The Club,” but jeez, could they have made it anymore evident that they were participating in a reality T.V. show this season?

There was more drama within this organization than an episode of “Bad Girls Club.”  It really got to the point where you didn’t want to pick up a newspaper in the morning in fear of being embarrassed as a White Sox fan.  Whether is was Ozzie, Oney, Kenny, or Reinsdorff , more time was spent talking about the rifts between management than talking about the team’s performance.

We need to concentrate on the goals of this team, and that is winning a World Series.  Who cares how long Manny Ramirez, A.J. Pierzynski, or Gordon Beckham’s hair is?  If they are putting up numbers I say let them have mullets or mohawks.

This circus of a management crew was clearly affecting clubhouse chemistry and could have ultimately caused the late season collapse.

Final Thoughts

One thing all Sox fans should be able to agree upon is that we have a solid club that was able to capture a respectable, but not remarkable 88 wins this season.

We should always fear the Twinkies as they have showed us that they will always be right there.  As much as I despise the Minnesota Twins I respect any team that produces a 13-5 record against the only other contender in its division, they thoroughly dominated us this year. With the inauguration of Target Field this group is looking up and moving forward as a force in the American League for years to come.

As for the White Sox it will be interesting to see what direction they go with a depleted farm system, but a few young talents that have the potential to shine.

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