Tribute to 2010... An Intern's Swan Song

Tribute to 2010… An Intern’s Swan Song

It has indeed been an interesting year in the world of sports and entertainment. There were memorable moments all over the board from abysmal baseball teams to a Stanley Cup Championship. Roger Waters rolled through town with one of the most memorable concerts I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. The Lion King dazzled theatre goers with their costumes and showmanship. The Bulls and Blackhawks are off to impressive starts and the Bears look like an unstoppable freight train heading straight to the postseason.

The year is coming to an end, and sadly so is my time here at Gold Coast Tickets. I have interned here since May and the experience has been one that I won’t soon forget. The relationships I’ve developed are ones that I hope to have for years to come. As I march forward towards new opportunities I have to look back and thank everyone who has helped me get to where I am, and who helped me get to where I’m going.

Here is my tribute to 2010 and a preview of a 2011 that will surely turn out to be a great year.


Do you remember…?

Super Bowl XLIV, Saints Vs. Colts an impressive performance by Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints that seemingly revived a city. Even if you don’t follow the Saints you couldn’t help but be happy for them and their fans. The playoff picture is taking more of a shape with every passing week, the Chicago Bears are heading in the right direction and it looks like the postseason may be in our futures for the 3rd time in the past 5 years.

Lebron James taking his talents to South Beach? Of course you do, it was a nationally televised circus event, and nobody has forgotten either. As Lebron packed his bags and headed south for the winter the whole basketball world held its breath. Now we get to see how this new Miami team would handle itself in the national spotlight. So far they have not met expectations. On the Chicago side of the free agent frenzy we added Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver, and Carlos Boozer (who after a rough first two games has regrouped, and shown us he’s definitely not a loser).

Roger Waters performs “The Wall.” I had only heard stories of the famous show that was also done in 1979, but nothing could have really prepared me for what I saw in the United Center in September. Wow. There are still a few more performances scheduled throughout 2010 and into 2011, if you have the means I strongly recommend it.

Justin Bieber and Ke$ha exploding onto the pop scene?  The Canadian heart-throb will be at the B96 Jingle Bash this weekend, and bad girl Ke$ha will be stopping at the House of Blues in February.

The Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup. This city won’t soon forget as the streets of Chicago were filled with cheering fans all night and even more came to the parade a few days later. They’re on a hot streak right now even without their guys Hossa and Kane.

What you shouldn’t forget about… 2011 Preview

The rest of 2010 and 2011 look to be good for some more memorable moments, here are some suggestions that will surely provide highlights to your year.

The Chicago Bears are plowing through the second half with no mercy. These Bears are certainly not ready to hibernate anytime soon, in fact they just might go ahead and stay active all through the winter and make their way to Dallas for some sunshine come February. Go catch them face off against two AFC East forces in the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

If you’re into concerts for ringing in the new year, don’t miss The Black Keys. I attended last year and they blew me away. They will be at the Aragon for 3 nights. Also performing this year who I wish I could see is Pretty Lights for 2 nights at the Congress Theatre, they’ll keep you dancing all night into the wee hours of the morning. These are the shows I would be hitting up if I was here for New Years Eve.

The Black Keys perform on New Years Eve in Chicago

Sade is bringing her smooth as silk voice to the United Center for two nights early August 2011. Chicago is lucky to have 2 dates out of only a handful of US performances.

Bon Jovi is coming back after rocking Soldier Field earlier this year. This time he will be at the United Center for 2 nights in March.

The Bulls will be playing the Los Angeles Lakers in 2 days, and have dates with Miami in January and February for what should be some great basketball.

The Cubs and the White Sox are making moves this off-season, the Sox recently aquired Adam Dunn off free agency and resigned Paul Konerko after a MVP caliber season. We will indeed be seeing baseballs flying out of US Cellular Field next season. After a year where the Cubs could see nothing go right, they lose a Cubbie legend in Ron Santo. The team is scrambling to make moves this offseason they just signed Carlos Pena to a one-year deal, now they need a starter, and some help in the bullpen. Don’t be surprised if this team makes a little bit of noise this year, you heard it here first. I guarantee you that Ron Santo will stop at nothing to find that goat and end the curse in the afterlife, plus this has to be our year right? RIGHT!?


So there you have it some tasty little nuggets that should keep you smiling through the rest of the year and into the new year. As I stock my backpack for an adventure in South America for the winter, I will sorely miss watching the Bears, Bulls, and Hawks make their runs at championships. Also the food, man do we have good food in this city… It’s the first thing I realize anytime I leave. And last, but certainly not least, the people. This is a first class city that will always be in my heart wherever I go. We have the greatest concert, sport, and theatre events in the country, not to mention the fans. Enjoy your successful seasons this year and I can assure you that I will be cheering us on from wherever I am down south.

One final little note… If for any reason I do get kidnapped down in South America as so many people here often joke about,  I fully expect you guys to put up the ransom because you jinxed it. But don’t worry it won’t happen because you all forget… I know Kung-Fu.


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