Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers: NFL's Oldest Rivalry to Face Off for NFC Championship Title

Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers: NFL’s Oldest Rivalry to Face Off for NFC Championship Title

Are you kidding me? Cancel the Super Bowl, Chicago has a hotter game than that.

This is one of the biggest games that has happened to not only Chicago, but also the NFL in a very long time. The Bears and Packers both have great teams this year, and thanks to the pesky little Seahawks, the NFL’s oldest rivalry gets to play for the NFC Championship.

Bears WR Johnny Knox and Packers DB Tamron Williams - MNF Sept. 27, 2010

Sept. 27th, 2010 Monday Night Football - Chicago Bears WR Johnny Knox & Green Bay Packers DB Tramon Williams

I have heard stories from my grandpa and father who watched this rivalry grow in the NFL throughout the years. They’ve told me of epic games that happened before I existed or was even a thought. I may be young, 22 years old, but I understand the historic significance of this exciting game happening right in Chicago.

Now I don’t want anyone to stop reading this right now, but I have to admit that I am indeed a Packers fan. I grew up 30 minutes south of Green Bay, and my father, one of the biggest Packers fans I know, put me on the very long line to get Packers season tickets when I less than a year old. My guess is that he couldn’t do it when he first wanted to, which was probably the day he found out he was having a boy.  Apparently, you have to be out of the womb to get on the list. Go figure.

A Packers Fan in Bears Country

Now that I’m living in Chicago it can be a little difficult to watch these two teams meet.  I won’t forget Monday Night Football when the Bears beat the Packers at Solider Field, took the Central Division lead and never looked back. But the Packers got the better of the Bears when they met in Green Bay just a few weeks ago.

With the Steelers and Jets left in the AFC, this game is going to be better than the Super Bowl, hands down.

Who would have thought that Chicago would host an event more exciting than the Super Bowl?

Quarterback Comparison

After last year, many thought that Jay Cutler was a guy who couldn’t handle pressure and was essentially a bust, but at the end of the rough (7-9) season he began to showcase his potential.  It goes without saying that Bears fans have changed their tune towards their quarterback this season – he finished with a winning season record (11-5),  and fans have a NFC Championship game to look forward to.

In one corner we have Jay Cutler leading his team after a dismal 2009 -10 season to the NFC Championship with a lot of help from his solid defense, that shuts down offenses down even in frigid, snowy games.

In the other corner we have Aaron Rodgers taking over for one of the most beloved quarterbacks in Green Bay’s history. After just a few short years, he’ll be leading his team to Chicago to take on their aggressive defense…but Cutler beware, Green Bay’s defense is for real as well.

Regardless of outcome, Solider Field is the place to be this Sunday. I am hoping this is the start to a great renewal of a rivalry that should be brightly colored and talked about much more, one that I can tell my grandkids about one day.

Oh, and by the way even though I live in Chicago and love all it has to offer: GO PACKERS.



Photo Credit Stacy Revere Getty Images
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