Monday Night Basketball

Monday Night Basketball

I had the opportunity to get to the United Center to watch the Chicago Bulls take on the Milwaukee Bucks last night. As expected, the live event experience did not disappoint.

Benny the Bull

Photo courtesy: Getty Images

Bulls games are not only entertaining during the game, but also in between quarters and halftime. It is truly a whole other show within itself. They have everything from inflatable “Benny the Bull” races to doughnut, bagel, and coffee races (a contest for fans where you can win an item free from Dunkin’ Donuts if your card matches the one that crosses the finish line first). One of last night’s crowd favorites was the “Hair Cam” where  famous hair-pieces were displayed up on the screen and the camera would show random people in the audience ‘wearing’ that hair. The Hair-Cam featured Einstein’s hair, Snooki’s from Jersey Shore, and our very own injured Joakim Noah’s curly locks. The slogan “Love it Live” is definitely applied at this game.

As far as the game went, Bulls came away with a win with a score of 92-83!  Kurt Thomas got the season high with 22 points and nine rebounds while Derrick Rose was right  behind  with 21 points and 10 assists. This win makes it Chicago’s fourth consecutive win, and keeps the Bulls at a nice 31-14 record.

View from Section 203

I’ve sat in various seats all over the UC and last night I sat in section 203. I had a great view of the floor – not too far away, and not close enough to get the players sweat thrown on you. Win-win. At least one Chicago team was able to beat a Wisconsin based team this week.

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