UC's Standing Room Only at a Blackhawks game

UC’s Standing Room Only at a Blackhawks game

Standing Room Only (SRO) at a Hawks game is sort of like a religious encounter, everyone interprets and experiences it differently. There are both negative and positive attributes to SRO.

A view from the 300 Level where SRO is at in the United Center

To be honest it’s a risk you take when you go the SRO way.

First let’s look at the positives:

  • It’s the cheapest way to see the Hawks
  • If you get there early enough there is no problem seeing the game
  • The SRO area is really not that far away from the game, you can still see all the action
  • There are a ton of big-screened televisions all over to watch if you need to use the restroom or get some nachos, so you don’t miss a second of the game
  • You get to experience the ambiance of the United Center
  • There are numerous SRO areas to choose from

The negatives:

  • If you get there late, and a lot of people bought the SRO tickets (there are a good number of SRO tickets) it will be a struggle to see
  • The areas of SRO are sort of small and if there are already 15 people there, it’s going to be an effort to enjoy the game
  • For big games, or sell-outs the games have been known to have a “rock concert” type atmosphere in SRO. There can be some pushing, some shoving just to get a glimpse of the game
  • According to NWI.com, if you have a SRO ticket you can’t even watch the game from the Madhouse on Madison bar, the lovely United Center employees will threaten to call security if you’re in there with those tickets

If you are 5’6 or shorter, trying to impress someone or you’re bring the family, I would recommend to pay a little extra and get seats in the 300 level. If you’re just going with some buddies and don’t want to drop a ton of money or spend your money in a better way (nachos and beer) the SRO is a good option. These seats are a lot better than most people think. The action is still easily accessible, and you can still feel the intensity from the Hawks fifth goal of the second period.

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