Let's Start the 2011 MLB Season with Respect in Chicago

Let’s Start the 2011 MLB Season with Respect in Chicago

The memorable 2006 fight

North side, South side? Are we really so different?

I’m not saying we should like each other, but I think it’s time respect each other, stop fighting, and stop vandalizing the opposing team’s property. With spring training approaching, I think it’s time we all (fans especially) start this year in a more respectful and peaceful way.

Both teams are very similar in more ways than either side would like to admit. Each team has a long history, with successes and failures.

The White Sox have only one more World Series win than the Cubs. Sure, the Cubs have almost twice as many Pennants than the Sox, but as much fun as Pennants are, World Series wins are really what the 162 games are all about.

Even though things can get a little hairy between opposing fans and players, it’s apparent that when these two teams meet for the Crosstown Classic, something magical happens. They seem to run faster, throw harder and make every extra effort to give the hometown crowd their money’s worth.

This showcases the true spirit of baseball. And I think that spirit is well and alive.

We all get along when it comes to Bulls, Blackhawks and Bears. I think we can do it with baseball as well. Some teams don’t even have one baseball team to go see during the warm summer months, let alone two. Let’s enjoy the fun and start this season off right.

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