The Tourney Takes a Turn to The Windy City

The Tourney Takes a Turn to The Windy City

Don’t let these recent warm days fool you.  It’s still February, and until Punxsutawney Phil tells us otherwise, it’s going to be cold.  Instead of looking on the downside, lets consider what the end of February means.  Spring training for Cubs and White Sox, NBA and NHL playoffs (for the Bulls and Blackhawks God willing), and the NCAA Tournament.  That heart stopping, bracket busting, Gus Johnson yelling, bubble bursting tournament that keeps us on the edge of our seats each March.  Lucky enough for us, we get a little taste in our own backyard.

The United Center hosts the 1st and 2nd Rounds of the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament on March 18th and March 20th.  March 18th will hold the first 4 games which include 2 games in the first session (starting at 11:30am) and 2 games in the second session (starting at 7:00pm).  March 20th will be the 2nd round of games which will include 2 games to determine who will go to the Sweet 16 (2nd round game times are TBD). On March 13th CBS will air Selection Sunday after wards we can all debate the seemingly arbitrary seeding of some of the teams.  More importantly we will know who will be squaring off at the United Center.

It is a treat to have NCAA Tournament games right here at the United Center.  The early round games have often been undervalued because they sometimes feature teams that are mid-level teams in big conferences or bracket buster teams from mid-major conferences.  Intuitively these games would seem to leave something to be desired.  In reality these are the games that have produced some of the most thrilling finishes.  These games are chalk full of interesting story lines, unknown players that make a name for themselves, and upsets that leave people’s brackets in shambles and fans looking for answers.  It’s these early tournament games that make the NCAA Tournament the spectacle it is today.

Gold Coast has tickets to all of the 1st and 2nd round games at the United Center.  Additionally, we are carrying tickets for 1st and 2nd round games at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland and Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC.


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