He's Still Music

He’s Still Music

It’s been a little over three months since Lil Wayne was released from prison after being convicted of weapons charges. He wasted no time in announcing a 25 day tour across the U.S.  On April 1st “Lil Weezy” and his entourage will descend upon the United Center for a night that will surely provide plenty of beats, bass, and some heavy spitting. This time around the popular rapper from New Orleans brings with him Rick Ross, Young Money’s Nicki Minaj, Travis Barker, his young protege Porcelain Black, Mix Master Mike, Lil Twist, and D.C.’s Wale. This is a very well crafted line-up of great lyricists and beat producers.

Lil Wayne performs during "I Am Music Tour"

Early reviews indicate that Lil Wayne has been masterfully mixing his guests in a variety of ways, which will definitely make for a entertaining show that will be full of surprises. The set description in itself was something of which to be awed. A three story construction with dancers, a DJ booth, LCD screens, and band space, it will no doubt provide some stunning sounds and visuals.

Regardless if you are a big hip-hop fan, this tour is bound to be one of the most entertaining of the spring/summer circuit. All of the artists involved take exceptional pride in their performances and delivery to fans. Don’t miss your chance to join in on the conversation after Lil Wayne and his friends bring down the house at the United Center.


Photo Source: MTV.com
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