The Charlie Sheen(s) Lay Down Some Truth at The Piggery

The Charlie Sheen(s) Lay Down Some Truth at The Piggery

On Tuesday night The Piggery hosted the first ever Charlie Sheen night in honor of the highly publicized celebrity’s appearance at the Chicago Theatre this Sunday, April 3rd. The bar was packed with Sheen enthusiasts waiting to either perform or witness some impersonations that would make the notorious playboy blush. Over ten contestants waited for their chance to wow the crowd as emcee Paulcorrect quizzed the crowd with Charlie Sheen trivia. ‘Winners’ received free merchandise and even tickets to Sunday’s show.

What was the ultimate prize for the winner you ask? How about four main floor tickets to see their idol on stage this Sunday as well as a $200 gift certificate to The Piggery? Second and third place received similar prizes. Gold Coast Tickets proudly sponsored the event which was well received by the patrons. Contestants battled through the night as they were praised and criticized by judges which included Second City vets Warren Phynix Johnson and Emily Wilson as well as stand-up comic John Bolgen from the Chicago area.

In case you don’t want to miss out on all the Charlie Sheen fun you can still catch him at the Chicago Theatre this Sunday. His “Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour” may be wrapping up sooner than you think, he just agreed on a $3 million per episode contract with studios over “Two and a Half Men.”

One can only wonder what this warlock is going to pull out of his sleeve, perhaps he’ll drink some tiger blood on stage, or hurl a 99 mph fastball while “Wild Thing” blares in the background. What we can all agree on is no matter if the show is just awful or bizarre, it is destined to be entertaining and something to be talked about the next day at the water cooler. There are plenty of tickets left with many of them going for under face value, get yours while they’re still available.

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