The NFL Draft is Upon Us

The NFL Draft is Upon Us

Not even a lockout, court orders or an unknown future can stop one of my favorite events in all of sports.  The N-F-L Draft!  It’s the place where all NFL dreams are possible.  Often I even request off of work just to make sure I get to take the whole thing in.  Although in recent years they have extended the draft to be three days so its become much more difficult to watch it all.  This year the draft is extra special.  We have been inundated with lockout coverage for the past three months without any actual football.  This is our first escape from the lockout and the first real reason of the year to start thinking football for the 2011-2012 season.

Last year the NFL draft was extended from two to three days long.  That means this year the 1st round will be at 7:00pm CT on Thursday, April 28th, the 2nd and 3rd rounds at 5:00pm CT on Friday, April 29th, and the 4th through 7th rounds will take place at 11:00am CT on Saturday, April 30th.

Mel Kiper

There are so many things to enjoy about the draft.  Mel Kiper’s hair, crying men, beer of course, but my favorite part are the interesting personal stories of how many of the players came to be.  This is where I first got to know about a guy like Michael Oher, maybe better known as the inspiration for the movie “The Blind Side”.  Where I heard about Brian Brohm, the quarterback from Louisville whose entire family was deaf except for him.  It’s what made him such an effective communicator on the field.  I was really fascinated last year to hear the story of Myron Rolle, a standout safety at the University of Florida State.  Rolle was awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship in November 2008.  The only problem with that is the Rhodes Scholarship requires a student to study overseas for entire year.  Rolle, who was considered a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick, would have to take a year away from Florida State and likely drop in the draft.  The Rhodes Scholarship was just too big of an opportunity, Rolle took the Scholarship and unfortunately dropped to the 6th round of last year’s draft.  These stories are what have familiarized me with the players in the NFL and make up the useless sports knowledge which rattles around in my head all day.

If your a football fan don’t take this year’s draft for granted.  With a potentially long summer of lockout talk this may be your only chance to find some NFL enjoyment for a while.  So go home, grab a beer and hope your team hits a winner.


Photo Credit (The Daily Record/Rich Dennison)
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