Gone Phishin...

Gone Phishin…

Phish 2011 Summer Tour Includes 3-Day Finale in Chicago

This year will mark the third summer tour for Phish since their break up in August 2004. The jam band giants reunited in March 2009 and have been rocking crowds in full force ever since. They’ve played to sold out crowds at amphitheaters and festivals all over the country. Some of their most notable performances since their reunion have included sold out New Year’s runs at Madison Square Garden, a performance at Bonnaroo, a DVD featuring them live at Alpine Valley in 2010 (one of their favorite venues), and of course the famed Festival 8.

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Festival 8 is a three-day festival that included eight sets and spawned the Phish 3D movie. Festival 8 also included a few firsts for Phish. They performed their first ever all-acoustic set on Sunday morning at noon. The set included complimentary coffee and “8” shaped doughnuts to keep the hard-partying crowd awake during this very slow intimate set. The most fascinating thing about the set was when Trey asked the entire crowd to sit down, and they actually listened. It’s not every day that you see 20,000+  hippies all just sitting around listening to music (or wait, maybe it is)

The biggest highlight of the weekend was watching Phish don another one of it’s “musical costumes,” a Halloween tradition for the band in which they cover another bands album in its entirety. They paid tribute to rock legends The Rolling Stones and covered their album Exile on Main Street. This album is a staple for any rock n’ roll fan. It was an amazing performance.

2011 Summer Tour

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Last summer the tour opened June 11 at Toyota Park here in Chicago. A noteworthy fact about this show was that it took place just two days after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. Frontman Trey Anastasio, a Philadelphia native and longtime Flyers fan, openly congratulated our Blackhawks on their victory at the show (not an easy thing to do).Unfortunately times change. Our Blackhawks are no longer in the playoffs, and Phish left Chicago out of the first leg of summer tour. DON’T PANIC THERE IS STILL HOPE! Our Bulls are still in the playoffs, and in a shocking move Phish will be closing the final leg of their summer tour right here in Chicago.

In lieu of playing their traditional two nights at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (or Deer Creek for all you old school fans) and two nights at Alpine Valley, they will be closing the tour with a three night run at Chicago’s UIC Pavilion on August 15, 16, and 17. These shows are sure to be monumental. The only thing more exciting than seeing Phish at a smaller indoor venue is the prospect of taking the blue line to and from a Phish show. The CTA will likely smell like patchouli for days before and after these shows in the most glorious way. The UIC Pavilion performances will sell out quickly so make sure you get your tickets early. You want to be a part of this. Don’t miss your chance to see a legend in the making. Enjoy yourself, and You Enjoy Myself.

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