The A-Z Guide to the Chicago Blackhawks 2011 season

The A-Z Guide to the Chicago Blackhawks 2011 season

A– Antti Niemi was not missed this year. We found our goalie of the future and his name is Corey Crawford.

B– Bolland proved to every Hawks fan just how important he is to this organization. He is a champion.

C– Captain, big word, big honor. We have a future hall of famer wearing the “C” in Chicago.

D– Defense looked tired at times this year but still the strength of our team moving forward.

E– Every night was a struggle this year for the Blackhawks. NOTHING is easy when you are defending the Cup and nothing was easy for us this year.

F– Frolik is a keeper, lock him up and get him on the 3rd line and he will make plays in 2012.

G– Goals were not the problem in 2011. We need a banger at forward who can take the body and play hockey.

H– Hossa had played in 3 straight Stanley Cup Finals and the Olympics. He needs a summer of rest.

I– Indian Head was represented with pride by coming back to make the playoffs a series…and we almost made it more than that.

J– John Scott may not skate as well as my 5 year old but at $512,000, we will enjoy the show next year..ding, ding.

K– Kids are now a staple at Blackhawk games, it is the norm.The culture has changed forever and that is GREAT.

L– Losing stinks, especially to those bums in VAN. But the rivalry is certainly alive and well and they will hear from us again soon.

M– Maybe people will stop talking about trading Brian Campbell since he played well and nobody will ever take his 7.1 cap hit. Enough!

N– National Anthem was as loud for Game 6 Vancouver as it was for Game 1 of last year’s Stanley Cup.

O– Overtime is enough to make a real fan puke, but it sure is fun. Scary, but fun.

P– Pisani is a one and done in this town. $500,000, they got what they paid for.

Q– Quenneville is a great coach and will lead us to another Stanley Cup. Mark my words.

R– Ratings. Anyone remember 5 years ago when the Hawks did a 0.01 on Comcast? Yeah, not anymore- 12.8 rating vs Vancouver the highest ever for Hawks game.

S– Sharpie had the Canucks head on his stick in OT but it did not happen. Now extend his deal, he should be BLACKHAWK FOR LIFE.

T– Thomas Kopecky was really a good soldier for this team but has played his last game for the Hawks.

U– Under the cap now and the cap is going up in 2012. No purge of players this year, we have the money to do what needs to be done.

V– Viktor Stalberg will get another chance next year, but it is time to step up or step out.

W– Winners. The core of this team are winners, they proved it last year and they will prove it again.We will hoist another cup.

X– X-Rays were the norm for this years Hawks- even Kesler admitted that we played hurt most of the year.

Y– Youth movement with the core. Jeremy Morin, Ben Smith,  Nick Leddy,  Shawn Lalonde, Marcus Kruger. Write these names down, they will be on the opening night calender soon!

Z-zzzzzzzzzzzzzz is me sleeping at the thought of playoff hockey without our Hawks!! See you next year!



Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
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