The Reinvention of Robert Plant

The Reinvention of Robert Plant

Robert Plant’s 2010 album Band of Joy has the potential to be as big of a hit as Raising Sand, his Grammy Award winning collaboration with Allison Krauss.  That’s a pretty big statement, but I believe it to be true.  Give Band of Joy a listen and you are bound to agree with me.

Robert Plant with Band of Joy

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Where and When

To support the album, Robert Plant and his Band of Joy are returning to the Chicago area and playing a show at Ravinia Pavilion on June 16th.  Plant has established himself as a serious solo artist, and has proven that he is more than just the former front man of Led Zeppelin.

What to Expect

I think it’s great that Plant has chosen to explore new ideas and avenues in his music, rather than cashing in on his past success and only playing Zeppelin tunes.   Something that many nostalgic acts seem to overdo!  It’s a giant risk to say the least, but it seems to be paying off.   Don’t think for a second that he has completely abandoned your Led Zeppelin favorites, because he hasn’t…they will just be surrounded by a mixture of  songs from his new catalog of music.

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