Britney or Katy?

Britney or Katy?

Two pop superstars are making their way to Chicago next week, sending tweens and young adults in a frenzy. There is only one catch…they are performing on the same day! So here comes the big question, with whom does your loyalty lie?

Dance Until The World Ends

Most twenty-somethings will take the “old school” route and go see their girl Britney (by the way…it pains me to call late 90’s, early 21st century old school). Supporting her monstrous comeback is a fitting way for you loyal fans to show her you were there for her through everything from her early successes to all of her flops and follies (including the infamous head shaving incident).

But alas, it was those successful years that helped pave the road for more pop divas that were looking up to her during their tween years. Names like Ke$ha, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry also demand attention on the billboard charts.

Britney will be at the United Center on July 8th during her Femme Fatale Tour (also starring Nikki Minaj), while across town her pop singing counterpart will be performing for more thousands of more pop fans in Rosemont.

California Dreamin’

Katy Perry has released hit after hit since breaking onto the scene with her single “I Kissed A Girl” in 2008. It feels like she has been around forever because she refuses to slow down; each single she releases becomes as popular as the last one. She is currently on her California Dreams tour named after her newest album release in 2011. The tour will be all over the world with dates in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas. There are over 100 dates in the span of the tour, which means hundreds of thousands of screaming teens and tweens all over the world.

If you are more into California Dreamin’ than Dancing Until The World Ends you can find Perry at the Allstate Arena on July 8th performing all of the hit singles she has been producing in the last two years.

Whichever performer you decide to support is your decision and yours alone, but I guarantee you will be just one of thousands who have made the same choice. These pop stars seem like they are kicking it into full throttle and they should be around for years to come. Enjoy whichever show you go to!

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