Now accepting applications?

Now accepting applications?

Tiger Woods and Steve Williams

photo courtesy of James Phelps

The last 18 months have been less than flattering for Tiger Woods.  Pre-2009, he was on top of the world.  He had every endorsement deal known to man, and was crushing every golf tournament in which he played.  All of that came crashing down in 2009 when he wrecked his SUV fleeing his home after a domestic dispute.  We all know what happened next.

Tiger took time away from the game of golf to try and reconcile his personal affairs.  This led him to a divorce from his wife Elin.  When Tiger returned to the game nothing was the same.  His coach was different, his swing was different, and even his attitude was different.  To add to all the recent changes, earlier this week Tiger fired his long-time caddy and friend Steve Williams.  This is the latest break-up in Tiger’s crumbling world.

Steve Williams is probably one of, if not the most recognizable caddy on the planet.  He has made more money caddying for Tiger than some professional golfers have made playing on the PGA Tour.  Stevie was on Tiger’s bag for the majority of his major wins, so this split comes as a shock to many in the golfing world, including Stevie Williams himself.

Is this just Tiger grasping at straws trying to figure out how to get back to his winning ways that have recently eluded him?  He’s tossing his caddy out like a rag doll, similar to the way he experimented with a new putter.  How do you toss away a putter that won you 14 majors?  How do you fire a caddy who helped you win 13 of your 14 majors?   It just doesn’t add up.  Anyone out there interested in carrying Tiger’s bag?  Maybe its time to send him your resume!

I want to see Tiger destroying  the PGA Tour again.  I really do.  There really isn’t an exciting personality to watch on tour right now.  Golf needs Tiger back, and it needs him back winning.   He obviously has the skills to get there, I just think he lacks the mental state to accomplish it.  Maybe all of the changes he has made and the time off he has taken to rehabilitate his knee will prove to be worthwhile, but only time will tell.

Maybe by the time the Ryder Cup comes to Chicago next September?  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Photo Credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images
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