Time to Vent

Time to Vent

I have finally reached the point in the season to which most White Sox fans eventually succumb in seasons like these. I just can’t watch it anymore. No longer will I convince myself that they are going to win ten in a row, take the A.L. Central title, then plow through the Yankees and Red Sox. It is just not realistic. Many of you have already reached that same point, but there are still some of you that are holding out until September. Either way, we all eventually give in.

Perhaps the Sox won’t miss my viewership during this last month. I like to cling to my superstition that they only win when I don’t watch or attend games. So for those of you still hoping for an epic turnaround, you have my promise that I won’t watch. Unless they come back, in which case I will rescind everything I just said.

What Needs To Be Done To Regain My Trust

Adam Dunn (AP)

This team needs to bench the underperforming stars (with the exception of our knight in shining armor, Pauly) for their counterparts who play like they want to win. You have to play the numbers and put the players out there who are going to get on base, bring in runners, steal some bags, and bring a higher energy to the field.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that ownership went out to get players that they thought were going to make our team a dominant force in the AL. But enough is enough. We fans are so easy to please, we just want to win. We don’t care who is getting money and where they are playing, we just want a winning formula. Like the one that seems to come to fruition when Adam Dunn is sitting (a player who knows he is playing horribly, but won’t sit himself to help the team out) or when Jake Peavy is not starting games. What it comes down to is this: the players that want to create a winning culture and competitive atmosphere are the ones that should be playing for our team.

I am not saying that Alejandro De Aza, Brent Lillibridge, Dayan Viciedo, or Phil Humber are the solutions. But they can and should be part of it. It is difficult to watch unenthusiastic players who are getting paid way too much money go to the plate every night and play like they have no idea where they are. Until management addresses these issues of non-competitive debauchery that are taking place in the south side, I can no longer trust them. I will remain loyal, but the trust I once had will need to be re-earned.

What We Can Look Forward To

There are still several things we can look forward to. We have a lot of young talent around for the next few years and some of them have even shown flashes of greatness. The defense has been solid for the most part, and it has often plagued us in the past.

I like the way our bullpen is looking even though we have hit some bumps. I feel they need to all get some cohesion and become an effective unit as opposed to a bunch of individuals going out to do a job. That may sound like a contradiction, but remember the way the ’05 starters mowed through the playoffs? It was as if they had all become a single force focused on absolutely shutting down their opposition. It was a mental focus, an attitude.

Our young guns patiently await each opportunity and take advantage. Flowers, De Aza, Lillibridge, and Sale have been a lot of fun to watch this year all of them should be a large part of the rest of the season. If not to develop them for ourselves, then to show them off to the league as powerful trade weapons. Dayan Viciedo is putting up solid numbers and should be called up any day now if Carlos Quentin goes on the DL.

So all in all there are positives and negatives. I felt the need to vent a bit and express my absolute frustration and anger with Adam Dunn above all. Maybe he will figure out that he can start slapping balls opposite field where there is absolutely nobody playing 3rd base. Or maybe he will just keep striking out and whine about how “it’s not very fun anymore.” Either way I don’t care, curse the day someone decided that a career .245 hitter in the NL would transfer over comfortably and perform better in the AL.

Shame on me for buying into all of the preseason hype that I seem to do every year but, like I said, I still remain loyal.

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