Fleet Foxes to Bring the Autumn 'Chill' to Chicago Theatre

Fleet Foxes to Bring the Autumn ‘Chill’ to Chicago Theatre

As summer turns to fall and fall turns to winter, the road gives way to a new type of sound in the air. Things seem to get a lot more mellow as people’s moods begin to shift with the seasonal changes. It’s an “enjoy this time” feeling, which is a welcome break from all the electro-pop and heavy bass music that has dominated the streets, rooftops, and patios throughout this Chicago summer.

Fleet Foxes Images: Promo

Fleet Foxes Visit In The Fall

The band hails from Seattle and has been critically acclaimed since their breakout EP Sun Giant. Their debut self-titled album Fleet Foxes followed and received rave reviews, including a 4/5 from Rolling Stone and their newest album Helplessness Blues (released in 2011) received an 8.8/10 from Pitchfork Media. They have only been around since 2008 and have been better received in Europe than here in the states, but I think they will begin to gain more and more momentum as they continue to make music.

Fleet Foxes did visit us this summer when they graced our presence at Pitchfork in July. For those of you that were there, I’m sure you can relate to the moods and feelings I am talking about above. Their folksy-rock sound combined with their mesmerizing vocal harmonics filled me with spring/autumn feelings. I felt paralyzed at Union Park as I watched from the crowd. I can’t really explain it, but give their albums a try and perhaps you’ll see what I mean. They are a great band to see live because you can really feel the energy and concentration going into the lyrics and harmonics. You have the opportunity to catch them on September 30th or October 1st at Chicago Theatre.

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