Blackhawks Game Night Giveaways 2011-2012

Blackhawks Game Night Giveaways 2011-2012

The Blackhawks game night giveaways are always popular so if you want to get a free bobblehead or say hat or scarf, make sure you make plans to go to one of the following games and GO EARLY. Almost all giveaways are limited to the first 10,000 people which is less than HALF the stadium!

2011-2012 Giveaway Schedule

Sat. Oct. 8th vs. Dallas Stars (Home Opener)
Team Calendar (1st 20,000 fans)

Sat. Oct. 15 vs. Boston Bruins
Magnetic Schedule (1st 20,000 fans)

Tues. Oct. 25 vs. Anaheim Ducks
Corey Crawford Bobblehead (1st 10,000 fans)

Sun. Nov. 6 vs. Vancouver Canucks
Blackhawks Baseball Hat (1st 10,000 fans over 21)

Fri. Nov. 11 vs. Calgary Flames
Veterans Day Scroll Banner (1st 20,000 fans)

Fri. Dec. 2 vs. New York Islanders
Blackhawks Winter Scarf (st 10,000 fans)

Fri. Dec. 16 vs. Anaheim Ducks
Blackhawks Hat (1st 10,000 fans)

Sun. Dec. 18 vs. Calgary Flames
Blackhawks Santa Hat (1st 10,000 fans)

Mon. Dec. 26 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
Blackhawks Winter Knit Hat (1st 20,000 fans)

Fri. Jan. 6 vs. Colorado Avalanche
Blackhawks Apron (1st 10,000 fans)

Sun. Jan 8 vs. Detroit Red Wings
Blackhawks Three-ring Binder (1st 10,000 fans)

Thur. Jan. 12 vs. Minnesota Wild
Joel Quenneville Bobblehead (1st 10,000 fans)

Wed. Jan. 18 vs. Buffalo Sabres
Blackhawks Jersey Lunch Bag (1st 10,000 fans)

Sun. Feb. 19 vs. St. Louis Blues
Marian Hossa Bobblehead (1st 10,000 fans)

Tues. Feb. 21 vs. Detroit Red Wings
Blackhawks Trading Cards

Thur. Feb. 23 vs. Dallas Stars
Patrick Kane Bobblehead (1st 10,000 fans)

Fri. Mar. 9 vs. NY Rangers
Dave Bolland Bobblehead (1st 10,000 fans)

Sun. Mar. 11 vs. LA Kings
Patrick Kane Mouth Guard (1st 10,000 fans)

Tues. Mar. 13 vs. St. Louis Blues
Blackhawks Green Hat (1st 10,000 fans)

Wed. Mar. 21 vs. Vancouver Canucks
Jonathan Toews Bobblehead (1st 10,000 fans)

Sun. Mar. 25 vs. Nashville Predators
Ed Belfour Heritage Night Hat (1st 10,000 fans)

Thurs. Mar. 29 vs. St. Louis Blues
Blackhawks Travel Coffee Mug (1st 10,000 fans)

Sun. April 1 vs. Minnesota Wild
Blackhawks Travel Umbrella (1st 10,000 fans)



Photo Source Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
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