Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas: Part I of III - Chicago Concert Tickets

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas: Part I of III – Chicago Concert Tickets

The holidays are quickly approaching and it is time to grab those last-minute gifts. For those of you who still have some shopping to do and not much time to do it – let me tell you from experience – tickets can make great last minute gifts. Do you have a family member that is a golf fanatic? Indie rock fan? Wild about live theater? Lucky for you (and them) Chicago is a hub for entertainment of every type, and I’ve created the go-to list that will make it easy to find the perfect event for that special person, no matter what he/she is into.

Since there are so many events coming to the Windy City, I’ll break it down into three posts:

  1. Concert ticket ideas for every Chicago music lover (by genre)
  2. Sports ticket ideas for the big sports fan (by sporting event type, including some out-of-state ideas)
  3. Theater, Comedy, and Family events for the live performance aficionado in your life

Let’s start with the concert list. If you wish to skip this list, you can go to the sports tickets ideas here or the theater/comedy/family here.

Concert Ticket Gift Ideas

After the sounds of the holidays have subsided, music fans will be craving the familiar tunes that keep their feet tapping and hips swaying. Luckily, you can fulfill that need for the live concert experience if you have the right tools. Here’s a detailed directory of the upcoming concerts in and around Chicago arranged by genre.

Rock / Alternative


Adult Contemporary / Adult Alternative / Oldies

R&B / Hip Hop / Rap

Classical / Jazz / Instrumental / Opera

Indie / Indie Rock / DJ / Electronic

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