The Rose Era Has Begun...But How Long Will We Have To Wait?

The Rose Era Has Begun…But How Long Will We Have To Wait?

In certain ways, history always inevitably repeats itself. In the case of Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls, let’s hope that history repeats itself by way of the six NBA championships of the 90’s, not the seven years they spent in the 80’s with Michael Jordan without winning a championship.

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If you followed the Chicago Bulls back when they first drafted Jordan (the 3rd overall pick in the 1984 draft), you can see that the Bulls of today are starting to pan out kind of like the Jordan days. Where are they at now, four years in with Derrick Rose and no championship, is just like Jordan’s early years.

Rose is a lock on the door and there is only one key that will fit with that lock, but unfortunately the Bulls haven’t found that key yet. When the Bulls drafted Jordan in 1984 it was a mixture of both coaching and complementary players that were added before the Bulls went onto their winning ways. It took the Bulls seven years to find the right fit to win consecutive championships.

But now the Bulls aren’t looking for consecutive championships, they’re looking for one championship. They have a new star in Derrick Rose, and are starting to make the same moves as the Bulls of the 90’s, searching for that championship, which hasn’t come in over a decade. They have added a coach and players to surround Rose with options just as they did with Jordan; but are any of those options the “key” that will open the lock?

Last season was a flashback to the 1989-90 season where the Bulls lost to the Detroit Pistons in the Conference Finals four games to three. But the following year, the Bulls played the Pistons in a rematch where they swept the Pistons in four games and went on to win their first championship with their star player.

Will Rose and the Bulls be able to follow their predecessors of the 90’s and overcome the Heat to get to the finals and bring the first of many championships to come?

They have their Jordan in Rose (no I’m not comparing them as players, that’s just stupid), but who are the Bulls’ Horace Grants, the Craig Hodges, the Bill Cartwrights, the Scottie Pippens, or the John Paxsons?

Yes comparisons can be made but only to a certain extent. The closest that you can get to Cartwright or Grant is Noah and Asik, Noah being the closest to Grant and Asik being close to Cartwright (when he was with the Bulls not the Knicks). But Noah is far from the player that Grant was for the Bulls. For all but just two seasons, Grant put up 1,000 points or better and Noah hasn’t even come close to that mark and continues to display a lack of consistency; something Grant showed he could do after his first two seasons with the Bulls.

What about Paxson and Hodges, Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer? Luol Deng is Rose’s partner in crime but is not the caliber of player that Jordan had in Pippen.

The point is that, all in all, the Bulls have one superstar in Rose, half a star in Luol Deng, and a bunch of inconsistent, mediocre players. I’m not trying to make comparisons in players, but make the comparison in caliber of players. The 90’s Bulls had an extra handful of talent to call on that the Bulls of today do not.

I think you have your number one in place with D-Rose and you have a vacant #2 with Deng as your number three player. The Bulls sit right now as finishing as the number two team in the East and the outcome of this season will be close to being a repeat of last year. The Bulls are three-fourths of the way to being a championship contender year in and year out, but until then, the Bulls still remain one move away from that happening.

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