Bulls Fans: You Have Nothing to Worry About

Bulls Fans: You Have Nothing to Worry About

It has now been five games in a row that the Chicago Bulls have been without Derrick Rose.  You can almost feel Chicagoans collectively wiping sweat from their brow.  Fingernails have also gotten much shorter during this time.  And Saturday’s loss to the New Jersey Nets surely didn’t help anything.  But let’s hold on a second here, Chicago.  It is NOT time to panic yet.

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Bulls' Forward Luol Deng (Photo Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Let’s keep some positive things in mind here, because this team is doing a lot of positive things right now.  For one, as of Sunday, the Bulls were tied for most wins in the league with the Miami Heat, both having 25 each.  Also, the team hasn’t lost consecutive games once this season.  That’s really saying something this year, especially since it’s been hard for any of the 30 NBA teams to catch a break with the crazy schedule, mass injuries taking place, etc.  Luckily, the worst of the Bulls schedule is behind them and they’ve been able to get a lot more rest between games than earlier in the season.  The off day on Sunday will really help them prepare for the President’s Day match up against the Atlanta Hawks.

Also, don’t forget that this young Bulls team now has two all-stars.  Even if Derrick Rose doesn’t play in next week’s festivities, we can all look forward to seeing another Bull out there who truly deserves it, and that’s none other than Luol Deng.  He’s been a team leader in Rose’s absence, and really should’ve been an All-Star at least two years ago, so this is certainly an award that was a long time coming.

The only thing he hasn’t done is physically play point guard during Rose’s time away from the team.  But we should all know that’s all right when the Bulls have not one, not two, but THREE point guards perfectly capable of leading the team up and down the court.  Even fourth-string point guard (it almost seems absurd to type fourth) Mike James has stepped up to lead the team through these tough times.  This Bulls bench is the best in the league right now, and one can only imagine how much better the team will be when a healthy Rose and a healthy Rip Hamilton start playing more games together.

That being said, C.J. Watson and the other point guards aren’t a long-term solution to anything.  The Bulls do need Rose present to make it very far into the playoffs.  They’re an excellent stopgap during this time, but not something permanent.  Coach Tom Thibodeau has said that Rose is doing fine and will hopefully be back up to speed soon.  So am I worried?  No, because Rose is definitely going to be back in the very near future and the team has enough going for them right now where they aren’t about to falter anytime soon.  Remember, this team is 25-8 as of Sunday.  Have faith, Bulls fans.

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Photo Source Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
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