Bulls Need Rose Back

Bulls Need Rose Back

How long can a team go without their best player? It’s a question that the Bulls have to ask themselves. Following Sunday’s game, the Chicago Bulls have played ten games without the reigning MVP, Derrick Rose.

At first, a lot of people speculated the Bulls could go for an inordinate amount of time without him. Let him heal up for the playoffs, the bench is the best in the league and can rise to the challenge. I too was thinking this, because hey, there’s no way Rose could possibly be out that long. However, this groin injury has grown into more of a problem than it seems everybody thought.

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s thumping of the Bulls Sunday night by a score of 92-78 really made me realize how much this team is missing Rose, and to a lesser extent Rip Hamilton.

But Rose… that’s your go-to guy. He’s supposed to be the one carrying us into the playoffs. During this ten-game span, the Bulls haven’t looked as sharp in a majority of the games. The Bulls are fatigued right now, and this is when they need Rose the most. Don’t get me wrong, the bench is stepping up, but it obvious they miss Rose

C.J. Watson and John Lucas III have done great for the most part. Luol Deng has also done his duty in being a leader for the team. The problem is this, though; these are supposed to be Rose’s supporting players, Watson and Lucas especially.

Right now, if Rose were out there, the team wouldn’t be dragging their feet nearly as much. They wouldn’t be squeaking past the Toronto Raptors in consecutive games. They surely wouldn’t have gotten blown out by the Thunder.

We would’ve at least seen a competitive game. Rose brings the scoring, rebounding, assists, the intangibles… everything. This team needs him to score 25 or so points a game and have Deng, Watson and the rest of the crew step up alongside him and lighten the load. Instead, they’ve been taking it all squarely on their backs, and it’s showing now more than ever.

Plain and simple, the Bulls need Rose back NOW! This is the final month of the season. This is where teams ride a great streak into the playoffs and continue their dominating play. Am I scared? Honestly speaking, yes, definitely more than a week ago.

Until Rose gets back, this Bulls team is going to have it rough. The schedule is certainly getting more difficult with games coming up very soon against the likes of Boston, New York and Miami. Rose wants to be out there with his teammates.

Whenever the camera pans to him on the bench you can see him brimming with that fiery and passion. He wants to be out there more than anybody. Unfortunately, there is no real time frame for that return, meaning Watson and Lucas and the rest of the “bench mob” need to keep playing at that high level.

The bench may have reached its peak, though, and Rose is the only one that can save them from tumbling down the summit.

This is a guest post by Nick LaBanca from MidwayMadness.com. Midway Madness is a site dedicated to Chicago sports. It is written by Chicago sports fans, for Chicago sports fans. Nick LaBanca is a Columbia College graduate who grew up in Chicago and is an avid Chicago Bulls and White Sox fan. Wanna read more from Nick? Click here.

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