Bulls Talk: NBA Draft

Bulls Talk: NBA Draft

With the NBA Draft coming up later this month, mock drafts and the like have been seen all over the web recently. It feels like Chicago Bulls fans have been caught in some kind of flux, though. While you have fans of lottery teams like the New Orleans Hornets prepping and getting excited for draft day, and you have Miami heat fans who are waiting to see LeBron James finally win a title, Bulls fans by comparison just seem left out. What do we as fans have to be excited for? Well, this month… not too much at all.

The Bulls have only one pick this year. Yes, it’s in the first round. Unfortunately, it’s the 29th pick of the draft. That translates into things not looking too good for the Bulls. Last year, they had a low pick in the first round and came up with guard Jimmy Butler. Butler did prove somewhat useful in a reserve role this past season, and added to the team’s depth, but didn’t have exactly a break out year. But it’s hard to get that, of course, once you get that far down in the draft. Everyone can’t be a Manu Ginoboli, who was at one time a number 29 draft pick.

We do know what the Bulls need… more depth at the point guard position. Who knows how long Rose will be out, and if the team can’t sign free agent and former-fan- and-team favorite Kirk Hinrich, this might be the best place for the Bulls to do so.

One name that comes to mind is Marquis Teague from Kentucky. The point guard has recently come off a title-winning season for Kentucky, and hopefully that explosiveness could be felt right away on the court. What exactly are the chances of the Bulls drafting him this far down? Somewhat slim, to be honest. Will Barton from University of Memphis could be another option late in the first round. While he is a shooting guard, he’s also 6’6” and is ready to play with the other giants in the NBA. But coming out as a sophomore, he may not be yet as seasoned, or have won a championship as Teague has.

Another choice at guard could be Orlando Johnson from UC Santa Barbara. Averaging 19.7 points last season, he’d seem to fit in well to a Bulls offense that desperately needs someone to at least somewhat make up the workload that Rose has left behind in his absence.

What will actually occur, though, is as always up in the air. Trying to make mock picks usually has someone ending up with egg on their face. Fans should accept the fact that the team will be mostly unchanged from last year, and the addition of this year’s rookie won’t be a considerable change.

With any luck, perhaps last year’s draft pick in Butler will finally start to become the one who steps up his game for this hurting Bulls team.


This is a guest post by Nick LaBanca from MidwayMadness.com. Midway Madness is a site dedicated to Chicago sports. It is written by Chicago sports fans, for Chicago sports fans. Nick LaBanca is a Columbia College graduate who grew up in Chicago and is an avid Chicago Bulls and White Sox fan. Wanna read more from Nick? Click here.

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