Radiohead & Caribou in Chicago

Radiohead & Caribou in Chicago

This past weekend Radiohead made their way to Chicago’s First Midwest Bank Amphitheater. The show began with opener Caribou who started their set off with ‘Leave House’. The set list went on to included some of my favorites… ‘Bowls’, ‘Jamelia’, ‘Odessa’, and then closed with ‘Sun’. It was short, sweet, and definitely enjoyable.

Radiohead started their set by around 8:45 and I was lucky enough to only be what seemed a few feet away from Thom York in the pit section. They started their set with ‘Bloom’ and went on to play 16 songs before doing their first and second encores. During the set, they covered songs from The BendsOK computer, Kid AHail to the ThiefIn Rainbows, and the entire King of Limbs album. Over the years Radiohead has kept the large majority of its dedicated fans since the early 90’s, but has also picked up a large fan base after the release of In Rainbows in 2007, which was clear when seeing the range of fans at the almost sold out show last Sunday. Besides having great seats, the show was more than fully entertaining.

…From Thom York’s famous flowing-hip-swaying dance moves, serenading voice and amazing piano skills (just as good as on recorded albums) to ridiculous video projections hovering all over the stage, I almost forgot I standing for over two hours . During their encores, they debut a never before heard song ‘Full Stop‘ and ‘Indentikit’ (which is also not released, but has been part of their other tour stops) and was the icing on the cake for me that night.

Simply put, It was by far one of the best shows I’ve seen in years. I’ll be sure not to miss them when they tour again.

Radiohead at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre on June 10.

View from the pit at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre 6-10-12.

Set List:

1. Bloom  [King of Limbs]
2. There There [Hail to the Thief]
3. 15 Steps [In Rainbows]
4. Kid A [Kid A]
5. Staircase [The Daily Mail, single]
6. Morning Mr. Magpie [King of Limbs]
7. The Gloaming [Hail to the Thief]
8. Codex [King of Limbs]
9. The Amazing Sounds of Orgy [Pyramid Song, single]
10. Karma Police [OK Computer]
11. Reckoner  [In Rainbows]
12. Lotus Flower [King of Limbs]
13. Myxomatosis [Hail to the Thief]
14. Feral [King of Limbs]
15. Little by Little [King of Limbs]
16. Idioteque [Kid A]


17. Separator [King of Limbs]
18. Full Stop [new song, live debut]
19. Body Snatchers  [In Rainbows]
20. R.E.M’s The One I Love intro/Everything in its Right Place [Kid A]

2nd Encore:

21. Give Up the Ghost [King of Limbs]
22. Identikit [unreleased, not on original set list]
23. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi  [In Rainbows]
24. Street Spirit [face out , The Bends]

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