Bulls Lose Bench Mob

Bulls Lose Bench Mob

The summer continues to get more and more interesting as the Chicago Bulls break up what might be the best group of players ever… as far as their nicknames go, at least.

Never again will the Hot Sauce be splashed in the face of opponents from behind the 3-point arc. No more will the Turkish Hammer Asik and Destroy players on the hardwood of the United Center. And so long to back-up point guard C.J. Watsonnnnnnnnn.

The amount of money owed to these players, especially to Omer Asik, made the possible re-signings that much more difficult, if not nearly impossible.

The trade of Kyle Korver to the Atlanta Hawks for a future second round draft pick was basically a money saving move so the Bulls wouldn’t enter into the luxury tax restriction. And of course, this helps make cap room for the signing of Kirk Hinrich.

And with the Bulls not picking up options on either Watson or Ronnie Brewer, Watson has already made his exit after signing a five-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets. Supposedly, the Bulls may try to resign Brewer at a lower rate, but anything can happen now.

It’s not just the Bulls bench that could look different next season; it’s the starting lineup, too. In addition to Derrick Rose being out for most of the season, rumors are now swirling that the team is shopping Rip Hamilton, but have found no takes as of yet.

The Bulls definitely want another shooting guard, and O.J. Mayo certainly fits the Bulls’ criteria. However, the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks have also expressed interest in Mayo, so things could get dicey soon. But, what’s really surprising here is the fact that this team is getting such a huge facelift.

Remember, basically the only addition to the team last year from the 2010 squad was rookie Jimmy Butler. Everyone else’s roles stayed the same, and the team gelled together, giving them the best record in the league. Could that be lost now? With the new look bench, and possibly starting lineup as well, will it take longer for the Bulls to find their stride, especially with the absence of Rose’s star power?

We’ll start getting a few answers in the coming weeks once more concrete news comes in on the free agent front.  What happens come November, however, is still up in the air.

If one thing is entirely clear, it’s that Stacey King is going to have to come up with quite a few new nicknames.


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Photo Credit: Nuccio DiNuzzo/Tribune Photo
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