A White Sox Fan's Call To Arms

A White Sox Fan’s Call To Arms

*This is entirely the opinion of DIM and in no way represents the thoughts or opinions of Gold Coast Tickets… Except for when I quote them* 

I need to start off by saying obviously I work here at Gold Coast Tickets and yes of course we sell seats to White Sox games. We are even a sponsor for the team. That being said one could assume that me writing to urge White Sox fans to attend games could be a conflict of interests. Well let me tell you that I am writing because of my loyalty to the White Sox stemming back from when I was in diapers. They are my team, they will always be my team, and they need and more importantly deserve your support. Doesn’t matter to me if you get your tickets here, there, or from the dudes that hang around the 35th Street bridge.

Last night I was 1 of 24,000 or so fans that attended the 1st place White Sox play against the 1st place New York Yankees. The same New York Yankees that have 9 or so first ballet Hall Of Famers on their current roster and have won 27 championships in 40 tries. Or the most championships in any American sport ever. Oh they have also appeared in 6 of the last 14 World Series as well. About an hour and a half away the Chicago Cubs were in an epic showdown with the fearsome Milwaukee Brewers for the coveted 4th place spot in the NL Central in front of 27,000 people (bow my head in disgust at my desk). I ask where the 13,000 of you who didn’t show up to US Cellular last night were as we took one more step closer to the playoffs!

Please let me remind you that the White Sox are 2 games ahead of division rivals Detroit and on the verge of winning the AL Central, when we expected to be mere spectators of the post season this year. The unpredictability of baseball is what makes it so great. Remember the Boston Red Sox that were supposed to rip up the AL this year?

Today in the office we discussed this subject and a co-worker whose opinion I  respect in sports (although very minimally) said something interesting. “Going to a baseball game is just not the thing to do (these days).” Unless of course it is on the north side of Chicago where the beer flows like water. This quote mixed in with the discussion I had with my best friend and his parents last night about this generation not being interested in baseball irked me enough to write this blog.

You see the seats I sat in last night with said friend and parents are seats I have been sitting in for the last 10 or so years with them. They are like a second family to me and these baseball games have always been part of that feeling. As his mom explained to me that baseball is not so much her thing because it is “slower” than other sports, I thought to myself couldn’t it be there is a reason for that?

There’s a reason that baseball is the great American pastime. That reason is because my generation and generations past have witnessed and made some of their most cherished moments during the “slow” 9 innings of a baseball game? The definition of the word pastime in Webster’s is to pass time agreeably. So maybe fans need to be reminded as to why we attend these games of baseball. The fact that two of the worst teams in baseball pull in more fans than a possible pennant race really disappoints me.

This is my call to arms to White Sox fans everywhere, whatever your reason for not attending White Sox games is, I hope it’s a good one because there is no excuse for the Cubs fans to be outnumbering you in their stadium as they battle to not finish last.

The White Sox deserve so much more than we are giving them and there are so many more reasons to get out to a ballgame than drinking beers and heckling opponents. During the time that I’ve attended US Cellular I have made memories that I will never forget. I witnessed Mark Buerhle’s perfect game in combination with Dwayne Wise’s catch that saved it (welcome back by the way).

"The Catch" Photo Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

I witnessed a triple play. I was able to see my childhood baseball idol Ken Griffey Jr. in a Chicago White Sox jersey even if it was just for a moment (and he was overweight). I saw Michael Barrett punch A.J. Pierzynski in the face to start a crosstown classic brawl only to have Tadahito Iguchi hit a 3 run blast as soon as play resumed. These are all memories made on the field.

What about the memories in the stands with friends and family? White Sox games are where parents and their children can go to escape their everyday lives and have 1 on 1 time. Where a father can ask a son or daughter how things are going, without dealing with all the distractions used to avoid those conversations at home. Or where whole families can enjoy a Sunday afternoon. Where co-workers/friends can tailgate together in the parking lots and forget about the stresses of life. I had an old girlfriend once write to me that some of her favorite moments were spending time at games together (probably because its the only time I’d pretend to actually listen to her… joking!).

Seriously I want to remind people why we go to baseball games. Whether it is the Cubs, Sox, Brewers, Yankees, who cares. There are good times to be had and memories to be made. White Sox fans are lucky enough to have a great team this year.

A rookie with an outside shot at the Cy Young, a Major League leading home run hitter, a catcher that leads his position in homers and is in the top 4 in batting average. Paul Konerko in his twilight years still fighting every pitch. And a rookie manager who is an ex-player of ours and is leading these guys fearlessly through the AL.

And, if all of the reasons I give throughout this blog weren’t reason enough, then you always have the fireworks to fall back on. AMERICA!

US Cellular Field 4th of July


Photo Credit: José M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune
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