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NBA Playoffs: Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets [Round 1]

The #5 seed Chicago Bulls will take on the #4 seed Brooklyn Nets during round one of the Eastern Conference playoffs.  With Derrick Rose still sidelined with an ACL injury, the Bulls will be led by Luol Deng, Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer. To advance to the next round the Bulls’ will need a total team effort;  look for Nate Robinson, Jimmy Butler and Kirk Hinrich to be major factors in the outcome of games.  If Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson and Marco Belinelli are able to come back healthy, they just may be able to make a deep playoff run. Below you can find the full schedule for the Bulls first round games – click on the Bulls’ home games to get your tickets today!

Chicago Bulls Playoff Schedule – Round One

Game 1: Bulls @ Nets [Loss 89-106]

Game 2: Bulls @ Nets [Win 90-82]

Game 3: Nets @ Bulls [Win 79-76]

Game 4: Nets @ Bulls [Win 142-134 (3OT)]

Game 5: Bulls @ Nets [Loss 91-110]

Game 6: Nets @ Bulls [Loss 92-95]

Game 7: Bulls @ Nets  [Win 99-93]


Bulls Win Series 4 games to 3!

Photo Source: PingSports.com
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