2013-14 Chicago Bulls Schedule

2013-14 Chicago Bulls Schedule

The Bulls have just released their schedule for the upcoming season, and we preview some of the season’s most notable games.  To view the entire schedule, click here.

What decides who the Bulls will play?  As with all leagues, NBA schedules follow a uniform pattern.  The Bulls’ 82-game schedule includes:

  • 16 intra-division games, including four against each Central Division foe in Indiana, Detroit, Cleveland, and Milwaukee
  • 36 non-division Eastern Conference games, meaning three or four games each against Atlantic and Southeast Division opponents
  • 30 Western Conference games, meaning one at home and one on the road against each of the 15 Western Conference teams

The schedule is loaded with intense home matchups.  Here are just a few to keep an eye on (click on the date or opponent for tickets to that game):

  • 12/5, 3/9 vs Miami Heat — The two-time defending champs will come to Chicago twice to face the team that has given them the most trouble since the beginning of the LeBron era.  Even last season as the Heat cruised through a 66-16 regular season on the way to the second championship of the era, a banged-up Bulls team beat them twice during the regular season including handing Miami one of their four home losses all season.  It’s an uphill battle for sure but Coach Thibodeau has had his team up to the task many times. 
  • 12/7 vs Detroit Pistons — The new-look Pistons will come to town, possibly sparking a revival in the historic Bulls-Pistons rivalry.  The Pistons have been far out of contention in recent years but offseason moves have brought in star players Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith, a reunion with longtime Piston Chauncey Billups, and improving young players in Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe.
  • 1/24 vs Los Angeles Clippers — One of the fastest-risers in the NBA, the Clippers’ franchise has gone from perennial oblivion to ‘Lob City’ and being a major contender.  This summer they added three-point sniper J.J. Redick to an already-compelling roster including Chris Paul, Jamal Crawford, and Blake Griffin.
  • 2/13 vs Brooklyn Nets — The Bulls will get their first and only home look at the brand-new Brooklyn Nets featuring a stacked lineup of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Brook Lopez.  This could be a playoff preview even after these teams went seven games in the first round last season.
  • 3/13 vs Houston Rockets — Perhaps the next powerhouse in the Western Conference, Houston is in a frenzy over their summer acquisition of Dwight Howard.  Looking to build a big winner for the first time since the T-Mac and Yao days, the Rockets have added Howard, Jeremy Lin, and James Harden over the last year.
  • 3/17 vs Oklahoma City Thunder — The Thunder seemingly can’t be stopped.  In a fashion similar to the Bulls, the Thunder are extremely solid throughout the roster and all employ the same defensive mentality.  This deep roster earned them a 60-22 record last year and where stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook fall short, role players Serge Ibaka, Thabo Sefolosha, Kendrick Perkins, and Nick Collison make up for it.

With the return of D-Rose and a strong draft yield, the Bulls should be a much-improved team from last year’s injury-plagued squad.  They’ll have their hands full with the teams mentioned above, but those games will definitely not be games to miss at United Center.


 Photo Source: Randy Belice/NBAE via Getty Images
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