Wicked in Chicago: Why I Want to See It

Wicked in Chicago: Why I Want to See It

Wicked in Chicago: Why I Want to See It

Wicked is back in Chicago to celebrate its 10th Anniversary and fans are just as excited as the first time around. “OMG you have to see it” is the common response when asked about the musical, almost always accompanied by wide eyes and a smile from ear to ear.

The show was last in Chicago back in June of 2005 to January of 2009 and put on 1,500 performances. Many fans have seen the musical numerous times and plan to experience it again if they have the chance. Created by composer Stephen Schwartz and book writer Winnie Holzman, Wicked has won many awards including a Grammy and three Tony awards. Accolades like that don’t come from wishing and clicking heels, it takes hours and hours of rehearsing and dedication to pull off one of the most loved musicals in America.

So why do I want to see it? As a mid 20’s male, Wicked probably shouldn’t be on the top of my to-do list this holiday season, but it is. The tough decision now is who to take; my 8-year-old sister, 24-year-old girlfriend, or my 77-year-old grandmother? Younger crowds love the energy, lights and music, the brilliant costumes and the suspense. The more mature audiences love the interaction between Elphaba and Galinda and can appreciate the self-respect and strength the story illustrates.

My grandmother still remembers the first time she saw The Wizard of Oz on her state-of-the-art color television, and I can see the nostalgia flowing through her face as she tells me about it. My sister is consumed in the Witch’s spooky character and bellows a witches laugh at any chance she gets. My girlfriend loves analyzing and comparing the actresses take on their characters and how each has an effect on the final product. They each love the musical for the same reasons, as well as their own personal reasons and can’t wait to see it again.

So who do I take with? I’m going to have to bring them all. There is no better place for people young, and not-so-young, to have a great time together watching an amazing performance. There you have it, we’re all going to the show. The only thing left to do now is to get the best value tickets at Gold Coast Tickets.

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