Wrigley Concerts This Summer: Joel, Shelton, Zac Brown Band

Wrigley Concerts This Summer: Joel, Shelton, Zac Brown Band

Wrigley Field will host three concerts this summer, adding Billy Joel, Blake Shelton, and Zac Brown Band to its impressive list of performers over the last decade.

What do Jimmy Buffett, The Police, Elton John, Billy Joel, Rascal Flatts, Dave Matthews Band, Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Brad Paisley, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean all have in common?  Besides being big name, arena-rocking stars, they’ve all played at one of the most unique music venues in the world.  In fact it’s not a venue at all.  It’s Wrigley Field, on the short list of sacred cathedrals of America’s pastime.

The Wrigley concert series has proven to be extremely successful.  The earth-shaking announcement of the first-ever concert to be held there was 2005’s Buffett concert.  Every concert so far has seen the stage placed in deep center field facing home plate with screaming fans filling the field and grandstand.  Aside from the usual neighborhood complaints, the only serious objection may have come from the Cubs themselves, who were left to deal with a ripped up stretch of grass where McCartney’s stage had been in 2011.

Photo Source: rsvlts.com

Billy Joel in a 2008 concert at Shea Stadium.  Photo Source: rsvlts.com

But not to worry.  The massively popular events aren’t going anywhere.  Wrigley’s never hosted three concerts until this year, and the proposal City Council approved last year allows for not only more Cubs night games, but up to four concerts per summer.  Perhaps we’ll get four in 2015.

This year we begin with Bronx native entertainment legend Billy Joel on July 18.  Joel wrote and created an incredible 33 Top 40 hits between the 70s and 90s, has won six Grammys and sold more than 150 million records worldwide.  With the exception of two 2007 songs, Joel hasn’t written anything since 1993, but classic hits like “Only the Good Die Young”, “Piano Man”, and “Just the Way You Are” have kept him on tour for decades.

Three-time Voice winning coach, Blake Shelton.  Photo Source: hollywoodreporter.com

Three-time Voice winning coach, Blake Shelton. Photo Source: hollywoodreporter.com

Country star Blake Shelton takes the stage the next night, July 19.  The 37-year-old Shelton has become popular much more recently.  His self-titled debut album (2001) featured single “Austin” that was an immediate hit, reaching #1 on the country songs chart.  Subsequent albums The Dreamer (2003), Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill (2004), Pure BS (2007), Red River Blue (2011), and Based on a True Story… (2013) have all been big hits, charting 11 #1 singles.  As an authority in the industry now he’s known for judge roles on TV competitions like Nashville Star and The Voice.

Staying in the country genre, Atlanta-based Zac Brown Band is now an eight-man band led by, unsurprisingly, lead vocalist Zac Brown.  The band got an interesting jumpstart in 2002 when Brown’s original group, touring an aggressive 200-date-per-year schedule, was rewarded a fancy tour bus from a developer that bought out a restaurant Brown and his father had started together.  The band went bounding around the US playing at festivals and their own shows.  Most recent albums You Get What You Give (2010) and Uncaged (2012) have been their most successful, both topping the Billboard albums chart.  They’ll play at Wrigley September 13.

Zac Brown in concert.  Photo Source: media.naplesnews.com

Zac Brown in concert. Photo Source: media.naplesnews.com

The typical summer collection of powerful idols across genres of the music world at Wrigley shouldn’t be a surprise; each year Wrigley concerts are a major hot-ticket item and 2014 will be no different.  Fans love the acts and the performers love playing in such a unique, historic cityscape setting.  Check out the links below to get your tickets for this summer’s Wrigley concerts!

  • Buy Billy Joel at Wrigley Field (7/18) tickets here
  • Buy Blake Shelton at Wrigley Field (7/19) tickets here
  • Buy Zac Brown Band at Wrigley Field (9/13) tickets here
 Top photo: Bruce Springsteen at Wrigley in 2012.  Photo Source: Michael R. Schmidt
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