One Final Time: Motley Crue

One Final Time: Motley Crue

According to members of Motley Crue, this last tour is the final hurrah. Way back in 1981 Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee came together to form Motley Crue. Nine studio albums and countless tours later the hard-rock band is finally ready to put away the guitars and drumsticks. While spending many of their years in the headlines for things other than their music, there is no doubt Motley Crue is one of the most influential and popular rock bands of all time.

While the members of the band have changed over the years the core four of Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Marks, and Vince Neil have been there virtually from the beginning. The 1980s brought many problems with the group amidst success musically. Run-ins with the law and drug problems nearly derailed the rock band, but 1989 brought with it a new look Motley Crue. The release of their album, Dr. Feelgood, became the first Motley Crue album to top the Billboard charts. Singles on the album included “Kickstart My Heart” and “Without You”. Continuing to evolve as time went on, Motley Crue released a tell all book titled the Dirt in 2001. The best selling book gave a glimpse at the inner works of the heavy metal band, letting their fans know what really was going on during their years of turmoil.

Motley Crue in action below:

Looking back on the years Motley Crue embarks on their final tour having sold more 100 million albums. The tour, which actually began in 2014, spans all the way through 2015 while hitting 70 cities.

Motley Crue’s final tour stops by the AllState Arena August the 8th at 7 PM

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