AC/DC Rock or Bust Tour at Wrigley

AC/DC Rock or Bust Tour at Wrigley

The Australian rock band began the North American portion of their Rock or Bust tour on August 22 at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots in Foxborough, Massachusetts.  The veterans of rock & roll showed no signs of ageing as they blazed through hit after hit for the crowd of 50,000-plus with the energy of a band half their age.  Their set list was nothing short of spectacular with 20 songs, mostly hits with a few tracks from their latest album sprinkled in.  Having minimal special effects by stadium tour standards, the legendary rockers let their music & onstage antics lead the way.  Guitarist Angus Young, dressed in his signature schoolboy outfit, showed no signs of fatigue as he never stopped moving for the whole 2 hour performance, often sprinting from one end of the stage to the other while furiously shredding out riff after riff in flawless fashion.  Brian Johnson, the band’s lead singer, strutted across the stage at a rigorous pace to match Angus’ energy while bellowing each lyric.  A very impressive sight to see both Johnson & Young show such stamina at their age.


Guitarist Angus Young, left, and singer Brian Johnson perform at Gillette Stadium on Aug 22. Image source:

AC/DC has been rocking crowds across the world for over 40 years, with an identifiable sound like no other.  Even though their sound can be debated as being boring or redundant, there’s a timeless familiarity to it that can be appreciated by fans of all ages.  These monsters of rock have known how to bring the noise & aren’t showing any signs of lowering the volume, even after 40 years of playing together.  The high voltage Aussie rockers will perform at Wrigley Field on September 15 & it should be the show of a lifetime.  Take advantage of this rare chance to catch the hall of fame rock band play at one of the most legendary ball parks in the history of sports.  Tickets are available for purchase here.


Guitarist Angus Young playing one of many solo’s during a show at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey 8/26. Image source:

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