Luke Bryan Kicks the Dust Up

Luke Bryan Kicks the Dust Up

The chart topping country singer is at the top of his game right now, but even the fame & fortune can’t sway the Georgia native from his humble, down-to-Earth demeanor.  His latest record, Kill the Lights, sold 345,000 copies during its first week, gives him plenty to smile about.  But he doesn’t lose focus on what’s important in life, his family.  From fishing trips with his dad to his son’s football games, even with an extensive yearly list of concerts, Luke finds a way to squeeze it all in.  Bryan & his wife Caroline are the parents of 2 boys, Bo and Tate, but after his brother-in-law Ben died unexpectedly in 2014, the Bryan’s took over as legal guardians for Ben’s teenage son Til.  He recently played 2 shows in Atlanta, after his Friday show, he had his tour bus driver take him to Nashville so he could attend his son Bo’s football game on Saturday morning.  Immediately following the game, his driver took him right back to Atlanta for his 2nd show at the Philips Arena.  Bryan also keeps his parents in mind since his busy schedule keeps him from seeing them as often as they’d like.  He made plans for a week & a half long fishing trip next year for him & his father, while letting his mom ride along on his bus during his tour.


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Bryan wasn’t always on top of the country world, in fact, early in his career he struggled to produce a No. 1 single until 2009 when his single “Do I” reached the top of the charts.  It was a surprise that the label went with a ballad instead of a song that’s more uptempo as the first single off his album, Doin’ My Thing.  His next 2 songs, “Rain Is a Good Thing” & “Someone Else Calling You Baby” went to No. 1 as well but his confidence didn’t begin to grow until he released one of his most recognizable songs to date, “Country Girl (Shake It for Me)”.  Country radio stations played the song enough to make it seem like it was a chart topper, but it never made it to number 1, thus ending his streak of 3 consecutive number 1 singles.  It was then that Bryan knew that this was the type of record he wanted to have out.  He knew that when people heard “Country Girl”, they were going to feel good & have fun.


Luke Bryan enjoying himself on stage during a performance. Image source:

After having such a rigorous touring schedule over the years, he’s learning how to relax & control his vocal chords so not to damage them.  He’s become very aware of how healthy his vocal chords are on a particular night.  The most important tip he received from unnamed veteran performers, don’t overreach.  He learned to pull it back if he starts feeling tired, “You ain’t got to go out there and win an award every night of the tour.  Just do a great performance.”  Another thing he keeps in mind while on stage is to sing in his own voice.  In the past, he’s been known to sing like some of his heroes in country music.  “My whole life I could sing like Ronnie Dunn like nobody’s business, and still can sound like him if I tried.”  With Bryan’s new understanding of the limits of his vocal chords & how to sing with his own voice, he has really hit his stride & enjoying himself to the fullest on this tour.  Luke Bryan will be performing 2 shows at the United Center on October 28 & 29, tickets can be purchased by clicking on the desired date: Oct 28, Oct 29

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