Alton Brown: Eat Your Science

Alton Brown: Eat Your Science

Alton Brown has been a fixture of the cooking world since I can remember.  He created & hosted the well-known show Good Eats on the Food Network which ran for an impressive 14 seasons. The show was inspired by Brown, who wasn’t happy with the quality of cooking shows that were airing on American television, so he went on to create his own.  Brown is known for his distaste for single purpose kitchen equipment he calls “unitaskers”, so the show featured Brown creating an array of unusual cooking devices to illustrate that a lot of the items sold in stores are just fancier hardware store items.  Good Eats was awarded the Peabody Award in 2006 & was nominated for the Best TV Food Journalism Award in 2000.  He has also starred in Iron Chef America as a play-by-play announcer & went on to host the spin-off show The Next Iron Chef, Feasting on AsphaltCutthroat Kitchen.  He was named “Cooking Teacher of the Year” in 2004 by Bon Appetit magazine.  Brown was selected as the Best Food Guru in 2005 by Atlanta magazine & won the James Beard Foundation Award for Best TV Food Personality in 2011.


Host Alton Brown demonstrates how to make a gallon of ice cream in less than 10 seconds using 2 fire extinguishers. Image source:

Not only is Alton Brown a master of the culinary arts, but he also proves to be a mad scientist in the kitchen.  If you missed him on his last tour “Edible Inevitable”, he performed some pretty interesting experiments.  He introduced a new way of making ice cream by using one fire extinguisher filled with carbon dioxide, a second filled with chocolate milk, then precisely combined them to create a gallon of “Jet Cream” in just 10 seconds.  Another creation he debuted was his Mega Bake Oven which was essentially an Easy Bake Oven on steroids.  The massive device spans 12 feet long that includes 54 stage light bulbs generating 54,000 watts, 1 million lumens, heats up to 650 degrees & cooks a pizza in less than 4 minutes.  Brown proved he can entertain an audience of all ages by singing songs between his experiments, performing a bit of stand-up & frequently interacting with the crowd.


Host Brown brings a member from the crowd on stage to help him test out his Mega Bake Oven invention. Image source:

There’s no telling what to expect for this culinary variety show, but Alton promises very large, very unusual & potentially dangerous demonstrations never before seen on stage or TV.  Without giving anything away, Brown hints that this show will have more food, science, laughs, songs & danger compared to his previous tour, which says a lot.  The bar is set pretty high but I anticipate that if anyone can live up to such expectations, it’s the culinary mad scientist Alton Brown.  The Eat Your Science tour will stop at the Cadillac Palace for 2 performances on May 7, a 2:00pm & 8:00pm show.  Great seats can be purchased here.

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