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Who are we?

Founded in 1993, Gold Coast Tickets is Chicago’s largest (and hippest) ticket broker. We have a huge inventory of tickets to your favorite Chicago sports teams, local concerts, and theatre productions. Want to sit up close? You got a guy.™ We specialize in premium seats to sold out events local and nationwide.

Why do we have a blog?

It’s a fun way for us to connect with you, our customers, and keep you up-to-date on the teams and events we stock in the Gold Coast Tickets vault. Also, we are big sports fans, concert-goers, and theatre aficionados. We genuinely enjoy going to these events, and love to talk about them. The stuff you read on this blog is what we discuss in our office daily. So, sit back, enjoy, and get to know your ticket guy. If you have any questions or suggestions for posts you would like to see, please email us at Info@GoldCoastTickets.com.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets to an event we encourage you to visit our website at GoldCoastTickets.com or to give us a call at 312-644-6446.

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  1. Anna
    Anna at · Reply


    This is really a great site you have here. I recently read the blog to get an opinion on concert seats at the United Center. I’m about to buy tickets at a soccer game at Toyota Park. I was wondering if you guys have any opinions about where’s the best seat to watch the game from.

  2. jim wyer
    jim wyer at · Reply

    looking for a great deal on sunday theatre tics. how do you get rid of avail tics on saturday at closing

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